The Heart of Our Team

Our vibrant nonprofit always needs dedicated volunteers who are passionate about supporting and caring for pregnant women and their families. Below is a brief description of our volunteer opportunities. Please use the form below, call us to schedule a visit, or contact us to discuss possible openings and answer your questions.


Questions? Contact the Men’s Mentoring Manager using the form below or 513-321-3100.


12 hours a month

Help expectant fathers see the nobility and importance of fatherhood.


Evenings only,  4-12 hours a month

Welcomes clients into the Center, escorts clients, and volunteers to their car.

Facility Maintenance

4-12 hours a month

Assists with any aspects of the building upkeep according to particular expertise. 1-12 hours a month


Questions? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator using the form below or 513-321-3100.

Client Advocate

4-12 hours a month

Works directly with women facing an untimely pregnancy and serves material assistance families.

Men or Women

Chastity Educator

2-12 hours a month

Assists chastity educators with grade school and high school presentations. Questions? Contact the Chastity Education Manager using the form below or 513-321-3100.

Office Volunteer

2-12 hours a month

Stuffs envelopes, make copies, and assists with various other office tasks.

Material Assistance Volunteer

2-12 hours a month

Folds baby clothes and organizes supplies in the material assistance room.

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