Our Mission:

Rooted in the God-given dignity of each human life beginning at fertilization, Pregnancy Center Plus (formerly Pregnancy Center East) assists those who face difficulties arising from an untimely pregnancy, offers life-affirming alternatives to abortion, and promotes chastity.


Our Vision:

Pregnancy Center Plus will be the first thought, the next step, and a most trusted resource for the abortion-vulnerable woman or man facing an untimely pregnancy.

Our community will know there’s a one-stop center, guided by the Holy Spirit, caring for expectant parents from the crisis to the cradle and into responsible parenthood.


Our Values:

Pregnancy Center Plus:

Values and works to protect the God-given dignity of each human life from fertilization to natural death.

Believes those facing an untimely pregnancy deserve to be empowered to choose life by being fully informed about the risks and consequences of abortion and life-affirming alternatives.

Values adoption as a loving parenting plan for those unable to raise a child and supports them in their decision.

Values the virtue of chastity as a means to obtain the authentic love and lasting relationships for which God has created us; it values the education of students and clients, enabling them to have loving relationships while reducing the incidence of future untimely pregnancies.

Values Natural Family Planning as an authentic response to God’s plan for married couples.

Believes that those who suffer from a past abortion can find forgiveness, healing, and hope through Jesus Christ and can be guided to that end.

Values integrity, fiscal responsibility, accountability, and transparency as the foundation of our financial practices and relationships with funding partners.

Believes in the transformational power of God’s grace and our prayer as the bedrock of our mission.

Values the moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and follows these teachings in its policies and activities.


PCPlus is supported solely through private donations and receives NO federal or state government funding.