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Fathers are missing from families, and their absence contributes to the breakdown of the family structure. Many men, when confronted with an unexpected pregnancy, are fearful of the consequences or are not even sure what their role is. This program provides support to men who are facing unexpected pregnancies, inspiring them to overcome their fears and become the best fathers they can be. Through mentoring, fellowship, and ministering to their needs, you can help them fulfill their potential as providers, protectors, and loving fathers. As a PCPlus mentor, you can guide these men toward becoming strong, courageous individuals ready to take on the challenges of fatherhood and thrive in today’s world.


Education: Training provided with job shadowing

Time commitment: 4-12 hours a month


  • Values the moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and follows these teachings in its policies and activities.
  • Two personal references
My fiance and I came in for a pregnancy test, even though I knew she wasn’t pregnant. During our consultation prior to the Pregnancy Test, the mentor advised me to make sure my fiance knew my true feelings, that I would want her to have the baby. When the pregnancy test came back positive, I immediately told her we were having the baby and we started planning for our new future.
– Jason

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