We are proud to have the privilege of serving some of the most remarkable individuals one could ever come across. Their stories of courage and persistence serve as a shining example of hope and motivation for all of us. One special video highlights the dedication of our volunteers who are present throughout all videos.

Video Stories

Jerusah learned she was pregnant after a sexual assault and decided to give her baby life by making an open adoption plan. Now, thirteen years later, her story comes full circle.

Interviews of young pro-lifers, some who were pro-choice, one who was almost aborted, and why they now are in the battle for life.

With no place to stay after the pandemic closed her university, O’Landrea discovered she was pregnant. Her journey took many twists and turns but with courage and support, she is living her best life.

Lindsay’s unbelievable story from the depths of despair and danger to choosing life for both her and her unborn baby will give you hope that all things are possible.

A couple sees their baby for the first time through an ultrasound and the expectant father bonds with his unborn baby in a magical moment.

Nominated for an Emmy by the Chicago/Midwest Chapter. Charmane was looking for an abortion clinic online after she discovered she was pregnant. Her life made a drastic turn.

After the sadness from a previous abortion, Victoria didn’t know what to do when she found out she was pregnant again. Find out what happened that changed her pro-choice view to pro-life.

Megan, a young mother of two boys, tells how she decided on an open adoption with the news of an unexpected pregnancy.

Maria was 18 and living with her parents when she found out she was pregnant. Her boyfriend, Christian, felt he was too young to become a father. They didn’t know where to turn until they heard a radio ad.