Our Dad Video Goes Viral

8 Ways This Dad was a Rockstar in the Ultrasound Room!

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In 2020, we posted a touching 2-minute video on our YouTube Channel we took from an iPhone. The video shows a young couple in our ultrasound room hearing their baby’s heartbeat for the first time. It also shows that fatherhood begins in the womb.

The dad’s genuine emotion and strength have earned accord with thousands of people: fifty thousand so far.

Why? We think there are 8 reasons this dad is a rockstar:

8 Ways This Dad is a Rockstar in the Ultrasound Room

  1. He was respectful and protective of the mom.
  2. He was engaged and asked insightful questions.
  3. He was comforting through touch.
  4. He smiled, instilling joy and confidence.
  5. He wasn’t in a hurry but was relaxed and calming.
  6. His guidance was gentle but strong.
  7. He wasn’t afraid to show emotion.
  8. He showed sensitivity and the strength of unconditional love.