Answering the question that is on everyone’s mind now more than ever

With President Trump’s recent nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, questions regarding his confirmation revolve mostly around abortion. The question many are asking is, “What would happen if Roe vs. Wade were overturned?”

As a life-affirming ministry, we believe a Supreme Court shift toward defending innocent life is a major step forward, but it may not be what some believe.

Many in the abortion lobby claim abortion would suddenly become illegal across the country, but this is not the case. In truth, overturning Roe would most likely send the question of abortion back to individual states, which could then create their own laws or restrictions.

Ohio is a key state in the pro-life battle and has emerged as a conservative force to protect unborn babies and their mothers.  Since 2011, Ohio legislators have passed twenty pro-life bills. Eight of the sixteen abortion clinics have closed since that time. Some experts believe Ohio will have a complete ban on most abortions depending on who sits in the Governor’s seat. But regardless of what might happen in Ohio or across the country, here is what we know:

Pregnancy Center East will be a source of accurate information:

Should Roe be overturned, it is important that all of us understand the ramifications of the Court’s decision. Because of the nature of our work, we will continue to provide factual, accurate information regarding how any ruling affects our clients and our community.

The need for PCE will only grow:

Should abortion remain legal in Ohio, it is still likely more women and men will seek our services. As always, we will serve anyone who comes in our door with positive options, providing hope for those challenged by an untimely pregnancy.

Should abortion become more limited, we are committed to expanding our life-affirming services. Our mission is not dependent on whether abortion is legal; we are focused on serving those facing unexpected pregnancies in any political climate.

PCE in this for the long haul:

With or without Roe, since 1982, our mission has been about reaching out, loving, and assisting those in challenging situations. As long as there is a need, we are here. We’re thankful for your support because it is you who partner with us to minister to those most in need of our services.

While the nation watches the Supreme Court, we come to our offices each day, ready to listen, and prepared to serve anyone who asks for our help.