We humbly ask for your consideration to step up boldly and be counted as a sponsor.  Sponsorships cover the costs of holding our event, enabling all other donations to go directly to support our mission.  Your partnership will help ensure we have critical funds to continue to help young women and men in crisis choose life.

Call Tracy for custom sponsorship opportunities at 513-321-3100.

$400 Hole Sponsor

Provides 3 clients with an ultrasound, the most important tool to change hearts and minds from abortion to life.

  • 18″ x 24″ sign with your name and/or logo on one hole on the golf course

$1,500 Lunch Sponsor

Provides medical-grade pregnancy tests to 750 clients.

  • 24″ x 36″ sign with your name and/or logo at the lunch entrance

$2,500 Bar Sponsor

Provides phone service for 6 months on our 24/7 crisis hotline

  • 24″ x 36″ sign with your name and/or logo at the main entrance
  • Name printed on bar napkins

$3,000 Dinner Sponsor

Provides one school with our Chastity Education program.

  • 24″ x 36″ sign with your name and/or logo at the entrance of the 19th Hole Party
  • Dinner napkins with your name

$5,000 Online Auction/Raffle Sponsor

Provides Parent Education for 6 months, including a new car seat for each baby.

  • a Prominent ad on the online auction website pages with your business URL link
  • 2’x 4′ sign with your name under the marquee at Terrace Park
  • 1 golf foursome

$7,500 Cart Sponsor

Provides ultrasound supplies for all clients for 1 year.

  • • 2’ x 4’ sign with your name and/or logo on an easel at the check-in table
  • Signage on beverage carts on the golf course
  • Name on beverage cart napkins
  • 1 golf foursome

$10,000 Course Sponsor

Provides 1 month of billboards, radio, and social ads to create greater awareness of our services in the community.

  • 2′ x 5′ vinyl banner displayed prominently at Terrace Park Country Club
  • 2 golf foursomes

$31,500 Event Underwriter

Provides a sonographer for 3 evenings a week for 1 year.

• 3” x 10” vinyl banner displayed on the marquee
• 2 golf foursomes
• Contact Tracy for custom perks at 513-321-3100