Fertility Awareness Method … not your grandma’s Rhythm Method!

Two of our dedicated Client Advocates, Ellen and Rick discovered the top search site for ‘Fertility Awareness’ on Google is Planned Parenthood.  They were amazed, and so we’re we. Fertility Awareness is becoming increasingly popular with Millennials.  But what is it?

If you are over fifty and Catholic, you probably remember the Rhythm Method or sometimes called the Calendar Method; a way of tracking a woman’s menstrual cycle in hopes to space out having children or to help conceive.

In 1971, the Couple to Couple League introduced Natural Family Planning. The Sympto-Thermal Method taught by CCL is based on three key signs of fertility: cervical mucus, basal body temperature and changes in the cervix. By observing and recording these signs you can know if you’re in a time of fertility or infertility.

Today, many Millennials are concerned with chemicals in food and ingesting toxins and hormones into their bodies. These concerns have launched a new sphere of going green–organic birth control.  In addition to NFP, Millennials now have a variety of apps available to help them track their fertility. Digital tracking is at the tip of their fingers and as close as their phone.

To help couples learn more about Fertility Awareness, and so they don’t feel compelled to ever visit the nation’s largest abortion provider’s website, we created a Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) page with the top five apps and their pros and cons.

Thanks to the savvy observation skills of Rick and Ellen, we have a new client page you can check out here.