Fake Reviews 

Over the last several years, Pregnancy Center East has received fifteen negative reviews on Google, most if not all, from individuals who have not visited our Center. These same abortion activists have left identical reviews on other Cincinnati pregnancy centers’ sites. This is part of a national campaign against pregnancy centers.

The national campaign called ExposeFakeClinics.com initiated by the Abortion Access Hackathon and Abortion Access Front and has more than 50 partner organizations who encourage abortion activists to give pregnancy centers bad reviews. The site provides a toolkit with word choices and tips to assist people in writing bad reviews.  It also provides ways to organize a review-a-thon to undermine pregnancy centers’ ratings.

The irony is that ExposeFakeClinics.com encourages fake reviews. 😯

On the positive side, Pregnancy Center East has 36 real reviews on Google that help neutralize the fake reviews for a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.  Online reviews are as critical as a personal recommendation.  We appreciate the positive feedback, especially now with the anti-pregnancy center campaign.

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