Biased Article on Pregnancy Centers Hits PCE

Last month, the Cincinnati Enquirer, published a pro-abortion article, Two women walked into anti-abortion pregnancy resource centers. Neither got what they expected.

PCE is one of the pregnancy centers mentioned in the article, which uses language that is not neutral but leans toward pro-abortion views using anti- pro-life rhetoric. Laura Curran, PCE’s Executive Director, responded with a letter to the editor

Here is our letter to the editor:

October 8, 2019
Letter to the Editor:
Today’s article “Clear Intentions?” makes some very biased statements about pregnancy help centers in general and about Pregnancy Center East in particular. Pregnancy Center East is very clear about it’s position on abortion, and never tries to conceal or mislead clients about it’s position. There are very clear statements on our website, and every client who calls the center is told that we do not offer, recommend or refer for abortions. No one is being “tricked” into coming to Pregnancy Center East. What we do offer is free pregnancy testing, free ultrasounds, and free, compassionate counseling. For women who choose life, we also offer a variety of free, much needed supplies for their babies.
It is true that we are motivated by our faith and by our sincere desire to serve women in crisis. But we never try to force our religious beliefs on clients.
The article also implies that we are a “fake women’s health center.” We are not, nor do we claim to be, a medical facility. Our personnel are certified to perform the tests they provide, but we do not offer health or medical services. This is also very clear on our website.
It is dishonest and deceptive for the Enquirer to claim that we are not clear about our intentions. To the contrary, our intentions are crystal clear: we are here to serve women and men facing an untimely pregnancy and we are unapologetically pro-life!
Laura Curran, Executive Director
Pregnancy Center East


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