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Join us and Jennifer O’Neill on Thursday, April 11, for the Banquet for Life. Tickets are coming soon!

Welcoming Banquet for Life Keynote Speaker: Jennifer O’Neill

At the age of fifteen, Jennifer O’Neill began a modeling career that catapulted her into a life of fortune and fame. She was an early spokeswoman for CoverGirl, and “her endorsement of the product turned CoverGirl into the top-selling makeup line in the country”. In her early twenties, pregnant with her second child, she was pressured to abort and immediately regretted her choice. For years, she suffered silently, as so many women do, mourning the loss of a precious little life. 

“After thirty-five-plus feature films, numerous television movies and series, Jennifer now spends her time sharing her testimony about the pain of abortion and the power of God’s love. Having accepted God’s mercy, she has embraced a willingness to serve God as well as His plan and purpose, becoming one of the nation’s leading pro-life activists [as well as] a successful model, actress, producer, author, spokesperson, and loving mother and grandmother.”