At a Crossroad

Tanisha has a remarkable story of providence that involves a community of dedicated pro-life people in Cincinnati.

After her fourth child was born, Tanisha’s doctor advised her not to have any more children.  She was told she had a severe medical condition that could result in her death and the death of her baby if she were to get pregnant. Tanisha was terrified when she learned she was pregnant with her fifth child. Now she was at a spiritual crossroads.  Tanisha didn’t want to have an abortion, but she also didn’t want to risk leaving her children motherless.

A Trip to Planned Parenthood

Tanisha made an appointment with Planned Parenthood for an abortion.  Tanisha’s mother wanted her to have the baby but was adamant about going with her to her appointment. They took the bus together. The rainy day matched her mood.  When they arrived, sidewalk counselors told them they didn’t have to do this.  Tanisha’s mother stopped and spoke to one of the
counselors who was standing in the rain without an umbrella.  Tanisha entered the building, and the receptionist handed her a type of restaurant pager that would light up when they were ready to abort her baby.  Tanisha sat in a corner weeping. A woman next her was bragging that this was her eighth abortion, but since she was drunk the night before it was probably “retarded”

While Tanisha was anxiously awaiting her turn, the sidewalk counselor outside informed Tanisha’s mom that she knew of a high-risk doctor that could help them.  Tanisha’s mom raced into the building to tell Tanisha. They left together. The sidewalk counselor had given them the hope they needed.

A Smiling Baby

Tanisha’s baby was born healthy and smiling.  Now, seven years later, Tanisha says her daughter is a ray of sunshine and was recently classified as gifted.  Tanisha can also boast that she is the Lead Supervisor of Facilities Park Services at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. One rainy day, the close-knit pro-life community was there to give Tanisha hope.  Over the years, Tanisha and Pregnancy Center East has had a special relationship. Tanisha explains,

I was not always able to keep steady employment because my children would get sick, and I had to take off to care for them. Having to rely on assistance for things like diapers, clothing, and nursing items, they never turned me away when I needed them the most! PCE is one of the reasons I am a fulltime employee (at our amazing Cincinnati Zoo) and a lead supervisor in my department! They showed me compassion, love, and sincerity that helped me get to the place I am at today.

Tanisha is a model of courage and perseverance; with the love and dedication of many in the pro-life community, another beautiful life came into the world.

Not only is Tanisha raising five children and working full-time, but she has also added five backyard chickens to her family!